Covid-19 update
March 25, 2020

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has changed our way of life in a matter of weeks. As we continue to see new cases reported on a daily basis, we are furthering our response to help "flatten the curve" and do our part to remove the potential community spread of this virus.

The provinces of Ontario and Quebec have ordered the shut-down of non-essential businesses for at least two weeks. They have clarified that the business of Investment Dealers is considered essential and we are continuing to conduct business almost as usual subject to the constraints of social distancing.

Most of our employees are working from home except for a skeleton staff in our offices. The office towers housing our head office and most of our branches have been closed to the public and are only accessible to employees who hold key cards for access. Visitors and guests are not permitted in the buildings. Our cage operations in all locations continue to receive and deliver securities and funds electronically and by mail or courier. Our trading operations continue to operate as usual, subject to periodic trading shut-downs by the Exchanges.

In this unprecedented time we realize that the natural reaction is to remove yourself from any perceived harm physically, socially and financially. We encourage you to seek the guidance of your financial advisor who is expertly trained to help you navigate these uncharted waters in a way that is comfortable to you. As always, we continue to stand by our valued clients during this difficult time and strive to continue providing the highest level of service. We will update this message if there are any changes which affect our ability to provide service as usual.

Geoff Whitlam