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Mackie Research Capital Corporation is the only private employee-owned player with a significant Capital Markets presence. Our 90 years of experience combined with the bench strength of our Investment Banking team gives us considerable influence in capital raising and M&A transactions. Focusing on the small to mid-cap market, we have demonstrated the ability to lead large deals. And with a strong Venture Capital presence we have become the go-to shop for entrepreneurs seeking autonomy and wealth creation.

Advisory Services

Equity Capital Markets

With over 35 dedicated professionals we have both the human and capital resources to compete with and dominate in the second tier boutique ECM sphere. Our retail syndication efforts and role as an underwriter for many deals has proven to be lucrative for led offerings of all types including structured products, growth stock deals, hi-cap common and preferred offerings.

Advisory Services

Venture Investment Banking

Mackie Research Capital has identified a unique opportunity to dominate in the Venture Investment Banking sphere. Recognizing that Venture investing is the backbone of wealth-creation and employment growth in Canada, and a natural “feeder” to our ECM division, we’ve demonstrated a strong presence at the early stage in broker led deals.

Whether you are a micro-cap company looking to expand or a mid-capitalization enterprise seeking further growth, our corporate finance practice has the solutions to help you reach your corporate goals. Mackie Research Capital's bankers have a record of excellence in placing private and public equity. They are well versed in the following financing options:

  • Public Offering
  • Marketed and Bought Deals
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Secondary Offerings
  • Private Placement
  • Equities
  • Common equity
  • Convertible debentures and securities
  • Special Warrants, Unit offerings
  • Retail Structured Products

At Mackie Research Capital, we are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients. Take advantage of Mackie Research Capital's comprehensive knowledge of growth companies, strong valuation capabilities, and powerful research and marketing expertise. Contact one of our Equity Financing specialists to learn more.

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